The One With The Recipe Contest

I have quite a few regrets when it comes to motherhood. One of the things I would definitely do over is feeding my daughter better. When I was her age (and up until last year, to be honest), I did not like eating fish and vegetables. So it is not really a surprise that Sophia does not like them, too.

In my experience, it is a lot more difficult to encourage a child to eat something they do not like. I am looking for easy to cook healthy dishes that Sophia could try. Let us make it fun! Submit your recipes to me, and Sophia will pick 3 of her favorites, and I will give a small token of appreciation. 🙂

Here are the mechanics:

Thank you in advance for your participation! What is your child’s favorite healthy meal?

#ToABetterSarah #RaisingSophia #FromZeroToHero

She loves pizza!

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