Love Is…

Dear Love,

I dedicate the entire month to you. I am not writing about you because I am an expert in the field. On the contrary, I consider myself a neophyte, (and without the sexual connotation) a virgin even. For all of my thirty eight years of existence, I have only began to (at least I think so) finally have an idea of what, why, when, where, who and how you are. I hope by now it is obvious that I am referring to the kind of love that makes us giddy like a child again, that makes us feel like there are butterflies in our stomach, makes us think and act irrationally and illogically, makes us stay awake all night and continue dreaming on to the next day. The kind of love that makes us selfless like a mother, that makes us feel like everything is right in the world, makes us think and act not only for our interests but the beloved as well, makes us sleep at night soundly knowing that someone has got our back who helps make our dreams come true. The romantic kind.

What is love? Anyone? I have reason to believe that once, I have experienced true and genuine love. But if asked to define it? I’m out. When we see someone and our heart skips a beat, is that love? When we see someone at their worst and we want to just hold him or her (without judgment and all), is that it? When we think of the future and we cannot imagine one without him or her, do I love that person? Maybe.

Why do we love? I read somewhere that we really do not need love. We will survive without it. But I believe that love is a fundamental “need” each and every human has, as vital as the air we breathe, the food we eat and the clothes we wear. I may be going over board, but in a way, love (in any form, not just romantic) makes life worth living.

When do we know we are in love? Again, not an expert in the matter. When we cannot sleep, cannot eat, cannot concentrate on anything and everything because our mind is preoccupied with the other person?

Where do we find love? In a world where almost everything is available online, including love, finding love has become (theoretically at least) easier than ever. But then again, maybe not. Case in point, me!

Who do we love? For as long as I can remember, I have heard that opposites attract countless of times. In my opinion (and experience), the exhilaration brought about by being with someone who is different from us do not last. As time passes, the more interests, hobbies, values and beliefs we share, the stronger and longer the relationship becomes. Still, these are all stereotypes. In the end, we love whom we choose to love, irregardless whether our choice makes sense or not. At the end of the day, we stay with someone who adds (let me highlight this, I intentionally wrote add, and not bring) happiness to our lives.

How do we show our love? With all that we are.

Know that I have not completely given up on you yet! I may not know when and where and how I will meet you, but we will! I may not believe in them entirely, but if you can just give me a sign… I would really appreciate it!

#ToABetterSarah #WhatTheWorldNeedsNow

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