10 Favorable Ways Homeschool Works For Us

Pre-pandemic, I was already planning to homeschool my daughter, for the sole reason that I was traveling a lot and would like to bring her with me on some trips. And also while preparing to move to Singapore supposedly. Well, like most of my other plans, COVID-19 altered the course of my life.

Except for homeschool, which we did not have much choice on, save for online learning. What I do not like about online learning is the fixed schedule and the need for reliable internet connection.

Between those two, we opted for homeschool because:

1. It is flexible. Sophia sleeps until around 9am. This morning I had to wake her up at 930 because I told her we start at 11 and she needs to break her fast and take a shower before. I can also work it around my work schedule, which is also flexible. The downside sometimes is, with all this flexibility, I do not know where to start and I get overwhelmed.

2. It is just another activity we can do together. Like instead of watching animes, playing monopoly and exercising, we study.

3. It is quite convenient. Not that we go out a lot (and lately, at all), but I like the idea that we can study anywhere. Last year, we stayed in Bicol for 3 months, and aside from the low bandwidth which made submission of grades and portfolio next to impossible, we winged it!

4. I relearn some lessons. Sophia is in year 2, and fortunately, I have not really forgotten and needs to learn how to tell time again, or be reminded that it is not safe to play with electrical sockets or how the twelve months of the year are abbreviated, etc. Mostly in Filipino. Like what is verb and adjective is called in my language. When I was in my last year in the university, I worked part time as a Math tutor and I liked how I needed to study sined and cosines again etc. Earlier, my daughter asked when she will study Chemistry. It is not one of my favorite subjects in school, except maybe balancing equations, and I cannot wait to teach her the joy of discovering where I can add another molecule to make the number of hydrogen atoms equal on both sides!

5. I get to know my daughter better. Being an only child, she can be a bit competitive, or more like a sore loser. I noticed this way back when she sulk and cry everytime she loses at a game. I keep telling her it is ok to lose and that she cannot really always win. I learned Sophia is not really keen to study the traditional way. She gets bored easily, and I need to make school more interesting for her. First day of school and I motivated her to not give up like her favorite character in Black Clover. I asked her, “Is that how Asta would react to the challenge of writing down numbers 1 to 1000?”

6. I get to know myself better too, as I have discussed here.

7. She gets to learn how she likes best. And have so much fun doing it!

8. No need for school bus (taking her to school myself is not an option since I do not drive). This could get more than just a little annoying with the terrible traffic in Manila, especially if it rains and all. I also do not have to worry about Sophia arriving late for school.

9. The focus is on learning, not on grades. I have always been easy on Sophia when it comes to academics (she is not even aware of marks etc). It is not that I do not think it is important, she certainly needs to know how to count money and how to use the correct subject-verb agreement, but she does not need to be at the top of her class to achieve great things in life. Straight As may get her a high paying job, but social skills and emotional intelligence will make her a great leader someday!

10. I get to focus on what I believe is important. The core subjects, we do spend a proper amount of time until she acquires mastery of the lessons. For the open subjects, however, I have the freedom to choose what I think is beneficial to my daughter. Like for music, I encouraged her to study piano again.

In spite of these advantages however, I say both of us are adjusting to the change in our schedules again. But education is not optional, so we will do our best to get through this. Together, we can. And with a little bit of luck, have so much fun in the process.

How is school treating you this pandemic?

#ToABetterSarah #RaisingSophia #FindingSarah #HomeschoolingSophia

Hard at work. Happy 1st day of school, Anak!

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