Today I Teach Sophia Acceptance

As I was tucking Sophia in for the night, she complained about how we have not watched Black Clover for a while (since the weekend, that is). We ran out of Netflix episodes and she says I need to download a new app called crunchy roll or something. I told her maybe on the weekend, to which she pouted and said she could not wait that long. For some reason, I was telling her that I will soon be 37 and I have not accepted that yet (I think it is more appropriate to say I am learning (again) with Sophia instead of teaching her) but I have got to. I then told her the three stories about acceptance.

I introduced to her the concept of nonresistance, nonjudgement and nonresistance. I will recycle an old Facebook post about the other two. For now, suffice it to say that I am once again faced with the ugly truth that I have not internalized the lesson yet. I fight so hard to believe that tomorrow is going to be a better day and my (and my daughter’s) life will turn around soon, but when one’s situation gets worse and worse instead, where does one stay hopeful?

I just got an email from Google maps regarding my September update, the highlights of the month visiting Makati and Pasay. Does it get better than this?

#ToABetterSarah #FindingSarah #RaisingSophia

How very exciting! NOT!!!

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