The One With The Gratitude Exercise

Starting last November, I have been trying to consciously come up with at least three things I am thankful for everyday. When things are not going your way, it is so easy to let your frustrations get the better of you. I felt like I lost everything (all right, more like a lot) and the natural reaction is to feel defeated and let down. By natural, I meant, unconsciously, the automatic response if we are not more mindful and more intentional.

And even if I do try to intentionally focus on what I have than what I have lost, some days are still harder than others. And there are those days when I really need to look deeper, and longer, before I can even come up with one thing I am thankful for. I know I have a lot to be grateful for, but I am also so far (not even close) from where I want to be (wherever that is). However, I will continue this exercise for I know that this is good for me.

No other characteristic to being human leads to as many overwhelming benefits into well-being as gratitude. To name a few:

  • Better sleep
  • Higher emotional intelligence
  • More feelings of being socially connected
  • More energy
  • More forgiving attitude
  • Less depression
  • Less anxiousness
  • Fewer headaches

Usually we attach happiness to goals we are meant to attain in the future, that car, promotion, getting married… There is always a gap between where we are now and where we intend to be. The problem is human beings are goal driven machines, our goals keep extending, we never hit and we keep chasing them, postponing our happiness indefinitely. If we appreciate how far we have come, instead, what has happened and what we had learned, that is gratitude. It’s not the size of the goal that matters, but our appreciation.

At times, it felt like racking my brains for things I am grateful for seems to be attracting more of those things. But to be honest, more often than not, it feels like it does not really make any difference, at least not one that is significantly noticeable. I suppose I just need to believe. For I have definitely past the crucial stage, and I can proudly say that I have risen a little higher than rock bottom.

I am grateful my family is safe and well, I have been feeling a lot better than before, and I have (again) hope in my heart that there is still a bright future in store for me and my daughter. What are you grateful for?

#ToABetterSarah #RaisingSophia #FindingSarah #OneOfThoseDays #FromZeroToHero

I am forever grateful to have you as my daughter, Anak!


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