Would You Rather Make Excuses Or Move?

Sun Life’s webinar today, entitled “Nutrition and Fitness: Tips to a Healthier Life” is very timely for me. Pre pandemic, I was not health conscious in the first place. I was not watching my food intake and no fitness regimen at all. I began to be a little bit more mindful a few months after the lockdown started. I definitely did not imagine it will last this long. I figured I was not emotionally and financially well (hit rock bottom actually), so at least try to be physically ok.

Chappy Callanta, a strength and conditioning coach discussed everyday fitness. He opened his talk by quoting World Health Organization in defining health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Most people (myself included) consider themselves healthy as long as there is no need for medication, operation and other medical procedures.

I lack exercise.

Based on Mi’s scale, I am relatively fit, save for the insufficient muscle (I am really ok with this, I do not find them attractive) and low body fat (again, I am at peace with this). I do, however, lack exercise.

With the situation we find ourselves in, it is even more imperative that we try our best. The long hours of uninterrupted sitting (or laying down), absence of healthy food choices, inconsistent working hours, binge eating and drinking, absence of ample physical activities throughout the day, stress and the relatively unhealthy lifestyle.

One of the most interesting parts of the webinar for me was the reasons why we should exercise (second statement in the list below) and how we justify why we are not doing it (first). Talk about finding ways when we want something and making excuses when we do not want to do something.

  • I have no time. It gives me more time.
  • I am too tired from work. It gives me more energy.
  • I would rather do something fun. It is fun.
  • I do not know how to exercise. It is easy to learn and there are a lot of activities to choose from.
  • I do not have the space. I do not need a lot of space.
  • I might get hurt. Exercise promotes stability of joints and enhances the immune system.
  • I am too lazy. I choose to exercise.

At least for me, personally, not having time has got to be the lamest excuse I could give. Pre pandemic, this could be true as I was juggling 2 jobs (still do now but at least not as hectic) and out of the country almost every month. But now work involves sitting down in front of the computer all day. I am not really physically tired, just my back (and eyes) hurt sometimes and my wrists from writing / typing a lot. I have never enjoyed going to the gym, I would rather dance or play badminton. Living in a tiny 24 sqm apartment sure is a challenge, but I got a yoga mat. Fortunately I do not have to worry about getting hurt if I exercise at all. Finally, the biggest obstacle is my indifference. I have decided to move regularly somehow, but there are just days when it is especially more difficult, like how the first year anniversary of my break up springboarded several days of inactivity and the bed weather is just too hard to resist. Yep, excuses all right!

How do I fight (or at least try to) my inborn laziness? At the back of my mind, I have always been aware of this, but maybe reviewing the benefits of exercise will motivate me. Do I want to reduce stress and strengthen my immune system? Do I want to reduce the effect of aging and improve my flexibility? Do I want to improve my overall health?

What can I do?

  • Include physical activities in my daily plans.
  • Try the installment approach.
  • Have a variety of activities available to me.
  • Find the activity I enjoy the most and build performance skills relevant to it.
  • Have a proper program.
  • Include a home-based routine.
  • Start slow and build up gradually.

How do I begin?

  • Build awareness on my current physical activity habits.
  • Get it done earlier in the day.
  • Start slow and build up gradually.
  • Spot the opportunities for movement around me.
  • Walk more.
  • Follow a program.
  • Invest in a coach. ( https://www.facebook.com/CoachChappyCallanta )

I have been intentionally trying to improve my overall health by exercising. ( https://toabettersarahraisingsophia.wordpress.com/2021/07/01/july-challenge/ ) I am proud that I have at least decided and I probably did more these last 5 months than since birth to February this year. I hope I pick up where I have left off and get in the swing of things once again.

On days that you do not even feel like getting out of bed, how do you motivate yourself?

#ToABetterSarah #HealthIsWealth #FromZeroToHero

Yep! My body is 12 years younger than my actual age. I do not know how this happened.

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